This is a place where I post my recent activities. This place will try to be up to date, but I can’t promise that. I choose not to use dates. I ask myself why.

Interview with George Church

I was very lucky to have a chance to talk to one of the brightest minds of molecular biology, meaning George Church. He is a professor at Harvard Medical School and MiT. I visited him in his Boston office placed in HMS next to Wyss Institute, which he co-founded.

This was super inspiring meeting. Reasons are countless. 

Publication on the cover of "Trends in Biochemical Sciences"

During my stay in Boston I had a great pleasure to collaborate with one of Cell Press editors - Srividya Chandramouli on May cover of one Trends in Biochemical Sciences.

I worked on the visual representation of Carbon stress and role that it plays in the cell. The great thing about this work was trying to grasp main idea of scientific article in metaphorical and illustrative way. I was not restrained by exact representation of cell structure and proportions of metabolites or proteins, that gave me the space to make this scientific illustration more light and cartoon like but leaving main idea intact.

Fun Bio Times

In late December 2017 I went to Boston. I am visiting as visiting artist/researcher Bio Labs at MiT and Harvard Medical School. It is a lot of fun, and being exposed to new ideas and mind frames.

I was holding 4.8 billion years old meteorites, which means older than Earth in my hands! Talked to brilliant scientists and learn about crystals and extremophiles..


Lesbos snapchat documentary

From 3.07 till 15.07 me and Aleksandra Hirszfeld are going to spend time in Lesbos trying to cover what is happaning there now. After agreement with Turkey island is no longer main destination for people running away from horrors of war.  


This is a view of an exhibition in Jimmy Nuttall's place.  Among great works my VHS made specially for the show. It could be seen as a tradition showing works at home. I was invited by my friend Jimmy to join curated by him show in his apartment.

Saturday 13 December 2014

Title of the show: "Mr. President, there are three things guaranteed in life. We will all die at some stage, each day the sun will set, and it will rise again tomorrow. Today is one of those days."

curator: Jimmy Nuttaall /

If you want to join email me for adress.

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