This is a place where I post my recent activities. This place will try to be up to date, but I can’t promise that. I choose not to use dates. I ask myself why.

Working on/with Brain Computer Interface at Copernicus Science Center


I am happy to announce that I am going to investigate and collaborate with Stanisław Łoboziak from Copernicus Science Center and Anna Chabuda from BrainTech. We are going to present EEG based Brain Computer Interfaces developed by BrainTech company during Festival Przemiany at Copernicus Science Center which happens 13-16 September 2018. I am going to be responsible for infographics regarding BCI equipment we are going to present and I am going to be involved in creating new interesting ways of how we can use this kind of tools. Maybe we will make quiz to answer via brain waves activity. There is also probability of making live performance during Festival.

Karolina SulichComment