This is a place where I post my recent activities. This place will try to be up to date, but I can’t promise that. I choose not to use dates. I ask myself why.

"You see You Pick" call for Action!


After amazing time in Kaszuby, where I was fasting. I visited polish sea village Dębki, where I met with my friend Beata. During our long beach walks we started to pick up garbage left or threw away by sea. We found a lot of surprising garbage, such as wooden brush to clean deck but also mundane as papers, cans, plastic bottles.

We thought about social action #widziszpodnies meaning you see you pick, encouragement to clean up after someone and after yourself. This is not original idea but more we talk about it and more we try to follow it is better for all of us, our surroundings and environment.

The same relates to using plastic bags (especially those thin ones) for almost everything, single tomato or cucumber I see that a lot around and it seems nobody cares even with huge media coverage of plastic sea disaster. Recently I was thinking about being this psycho who starts accost people in stores and asking them "Do you really need all those items separated into those plastic bags?". But I feel that the only solution is to regulate by law usage of single-use plastics, which Europe did.