Fun Bio Times

Currently I am visiting as visiting artist/researcher Bio Labs at MiT and Harvard Medical School. It is a lot of fun, and being exposed to new ideas and mind frames brings me a lot of joy.

I talked to George Church who is a head of Church Lab and Wyss Institute, and I am working down on writing this talk down.

On 9th of February I am going to give presentation about Art and Science in Poland at Center for Bits and Atoms at MiT. 

All is well.

Love Karolina 

Lesbos snapchat documentary

From 3.07 till 15.07 me and Aleksandra Hirszfeld are going to spend time in Lesbos trying to cover what is happaning there now. After agreement with Turkey island is no longer main destination for people running away from horrors of war.  

Exhibition in "Jimmy's home"

It could be seen as a tradition showing works at home. I was invited by my friend Jimmy to join curated by him show in his apartment.

saturday 13 december 2014

Title of the show:

"Mr. President, there are three things guaranteed in life. We will all die at some stage, each day the sun will set, and it will rise again tomorrow. Today is one of those days."

curator Jimmy Nuttaall /

If you want to join email me for adress.