N&N (nameless and Neutral)

Stills from one of the online rehearsals

Stills from one of the online rehearsals


N&N is an ongoing project of musical and lyrical improvisations through different communicators (such as Google hangouts or Skype. The band has no skills and they master through time the skill of deskilling.  

It is a project initiated by artist Johanna Wagner. Band spread between Germany, California and Poland meets regularly for  improvisations through internet. Some of the band members never met in person. Improvisations have usually topics and are flow of free associations. 

Nameless Skypeband : Johanna Wagner, Aaron Sheppard and Karolina Sulich. 

Nameless Skypeband will perform in Karlsruhe 6th of august 2016 - first public appearance.

Photos from the performance during Performance Night in Karlsruhe.  And below is video from that night . <><><><><><>

Photographer: Pietro Pellini